I’m not a big sports fan so 24hr a day coverage of the Olympics is a bit much for me. I do enjoy watching gymnastics, swimming and diving. Although I happened to see more of the men’s diving than women’s. The degree of difficulty meant there were a lot of kisses on dives. I always think how much an athlete has to sacrifice in order to even qualify for the Olympics.
There is a lot of stuff that distracts from the game. Doping scandal, the guy who lied about being robbed, the cleanliness of the city, the empty seats and of course how much it costs to out it on.
Of course with 24hr a day coverage there is nothing else on tv. Every show is in reruns anyway. Because I have OnDemand I’ve caught up on some of the shows that are on later at night like Bones and Private Eyes. Jason Priestley is really cute in it…good chemistry. Ok it doesn’t hurt he’s cute as heck! It takes place in Toronto which is also cool. Although I don’t know how they shoot him driving through the city when traffic is always a nightmare there. I have been watching the BlueJays and even caught Buck and Dan back together. They were the best TV announcers but Dan moved on and the guy they have now is dull.
My Mom didn’t like The Social or The Talk so now I can watch both. I don’t watch a lot of TV but I’ll have The Talk on while I’m making supper.

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