My ideal Twinless Twins conference

Designed for You
Since most people arrive early I would have registration in the afternoon and a short introduction that way twins could spend the night having dinner with a group. Afterwards I would do the candle lighting. It was something we did the first time I went to Detroit and I missed it.
I would still have a key note speaker but instead of telling how our twin died I would have people share their favourite memory of their twin. For early loss twins they could say what they do to honour their twin. Through facebook I learn a little about their twin through photos but there are many twins that I know nothing about who their twin was and that’s sad. Our twins live on in us and the only way they can is to share who they were who we were with them.
We need to have a breakout session with coping strategies. Break off into groups of 4 with new twins and alumni so we can learn from each other.
Although I love balloon release I have a couple of friends that have stopped doing it for environmental reasons. A really neat idea would be to write something on a piece of paper and have an evening bonfire or put it in a big box.
I would hire a photographer for banquet so everyone could have their picture taken. I would give out a favour like they do at weddings. I remember when I went to toronto and someone made angel ornaments that was special.


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