Remembering love

47 years ago my parents were married. It was a hot and humid day and like this year the grass was really dry. My Dad had his two brothers as ushers, plus Moms brother. Her matron of honour was her sister-in-law and she had two junior bridesmaids…a niece and a friend of the family. They had friends of Dad play the organ and violin. Because my Dads parents were deceased his eldest sister stood up in their stead.
My Dad wasn’t demonstrative in showing his love that’s why I love this picture because it’s obvious in this picture.
We had a party foe their 25th. Dad wasn’t a party person and it took a lot of persuading but I think in the end he enjoyed himself. His friend that played the violin made a video of the day. I’ve watched it a couple of times but now it would make me sad thinking of all the people that are no longer with us. There was a moment when we thought it was going to rain but thankfully it passed over. We held it outside in our backyard. We aren’t really party people so it was a lot of work. We would have had a party for their 40th if things had worked out differently.
Although I feel sad today because I miss them I try to remember that I came from that love. Oh sure there were days when they drove me nuts but that’s family. Last night I was sharing stories with a friend of mine. Those little idiosyncrasies that irk you but you miss when theyre gone. They gave me wonderful memories to hold on to. They gave me love.

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