Witnessing Janet’s sense of humour

Yesterday a friend of mine posted a video of cauliflower nachos. All I could think was the after effects of eating that! So of course that made me think of the time at church when the assistant minister was talking about a grief workshop at church where they served cabbage rolls, baked beans and lasagna so Janet being Janet says “wow, talk about your grief!” Of course Mom and I laughed but the minister did not think that was appropriate. I can still laugh at it and find the humour in it.

The other night I was talking to a friend of mine. In the course of conversation he said how he still thinks of my family too. He didn’t know Dad as well but had met Mom many times. He has their memorial cards in their office. Of course he mentioned the story about going to bible study and Janet gave him “the look”. He came in and sat down across from him and all of a sudden he can feel the hairs on the back of his neck stand up. So then his future sister-in-law came in and told him “couldn’t you have put on a decent pair of jeans”. It’s ok Janet already told me. But I didn’t say anything! And he tells her you didn’t have to! He tells people that’s how he knew that she was family.

This is what I miss the most her quirky sense of humour. Everyone that knew her remembers her smile, her big laugh.

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