Technology is too smart for me

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I recently got a new smart phone a Motorola 6. A few days ago I got a phone call at 7:30AM. While I was trying to access the number later I accidentally hit my friends number and phoned her. Then I sent her a text explaining and she said she hadn’t heard it so it was fine. She told me that it will probably take me a while to get used to it. I went for coffee with a friend from church and the phone was so new I didn’t even know which button to push to answer. Don’t worry I figured it out later.
Texting is easy and I did figure out how to call out. I know how to enter contacts and the guy at the store made sure he put my number in the contact info as Me. Nobody phones themself so how do you remember the number?
Last night I couldn’t log into Facebook on my IPad. Still can’t so I may have to take it to Apple Store. I have a desktop PC and could log in fine there.
I am terrible at remembering passwords. The trouble is I have too many. Thankfully as long as I have email address I can change password.
I see so many people with smart phones and they make it look so easy. At least the guy at the store said I could come back and get help if I didn’t understand something.
I do enjoy the convenience of doing stuff online though. I can send a grocery list by email. I’m going to put something in the paper in memory of my Mom. I LOVE online shopping!! It’s only when technology doesn’t work that I feel like it’s smarter than me.

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