Coming full circle

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On my Facebook feed for today it brought up that 6 years ago I moved back into my room after it had been redone. I put in new carpet, had the room painted and purchased new furniture. Because the room is L shaped it only fits a twin bed. When I was furniture shopping the sales guy took me over to the kids department so I said no I want an adult bed that comes in a twin. I really wanted a fabric headboard but those didn’t come in twin. The dark wood really grounded the bright colour of the walls. The painters weren’t sure about the colour but the carpet guy liked it. He said so many people are afraid of colour.
Obviously from the picture of my couch I’m not afraid of colour. It pops against the beige walls but I really got it because it’s Janet’s favourite colour. It feels like she is sitting beside me. My parents had every wall covered with paintings but I only have my quilt and family picture for art. I’m debating putting something in dining room but there isn’t any rush on that.
I remember the feeling if accomplishment after my room was finished. I chose every item on my own. I have the same feeling from decorating my apartment. It is different because I didn’t really know what my style was I just knew what I liked. I knew I was going to get a red couch. And it’s versatile too because I can put white with it, fall colours and Christmas pillows.
My former neighbour told me your house is for rent. But it’s not MY house anymore. I don’t have a reason to go past anymore except twice a year when I go to Dr because the bus passes by.
I have good memories there but I’m making new memories in my new home.


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