A Church Directory

This afternoon I went out with my former neighbour. I had an old cellphone that I donated to the church for refugees. She had Moms photo directory. It’s kind of a complicated thing because 1 she’s not in it and 2 I’m not a member. Being too polite to tell her I really didn’t want it I looked through it after supper.
I didn’t think I would recognize people but most of them I did. It’s sad looking through the families that used to have kids in the photo and now they are grown and it’s just the two of them. There was only one family that had a child my age that had her photo with her parents.
There was a woman whose husband died of cancer just after the photo directory came out the last time.
I know it’s a fact of life that people in church will pass on. It’s an older congregation. But I can remember the couple who sat behind us Rose and Wilson. She was a gossip. He was a large man and when we sat down he would say in his low voice “How ya doing?” There were two ladies that sat ahead of us and grandpa always talked baseball with them. Mom would look over and see if her friends were there and if they weren’t she would phone to check on them.
Growing up in the same church I knew who sat where. It wasn’t always the best if you missed a Sunday because people would notice! Sometimes we just wanted to play hookey but you can’t use that as an excuse.
If the pews could talk the stories they would tell!


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