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My Dad used to have the expression “he knows too much for one but not enough for two”. I have no idea what it means and who knows where he got it. My Dad was full of limericks and sayings. You could say he had an expert memory for these things.
My Dad was an expert gardener. I guess he got it from growing up on the farm. Although his father died when he was eight so maybe he just learned some from trial and error. But he knew which plants were for sun which were for shade, what type of fertilizer to use, when to prune etc. My Dad could draw too which I didn’t know until Janer was doing Bugs Bunny learning to draw book. He was an expert in math and finances.
My sister was an expert crocheter…is that a word? She made many afghans as gifts.
My brother was and expert in math and won awards in high school.
I used that think I wasn’t an expert at anything. I could cook but it wasn’t gourmet. I wasn’t crafty like Janet or could see like my grandma.
When we went grocery shopping with Mom as we got older we became expert shoppers. We were good at figuring out what was a good price. I’m an expert online shopper. I buy stuff when there are good sales.
There was a daily prompt one day titled your thing for dummies and I did grief. I’m not an expert because nobody can be one but I like to think people learn more from just telling like it is. I’ve learned that there is a commonality to grief.
I’ll never be at expert at hiding my feelings. I used to be the peace maker in our family now I let anger get the best of me at times.
I don’t need to be an expert. There is no manual for estate stuff. I didn’t know anything about leases. I didn’t know you had to have apartment insurance. I didn’t know what to do to fill out the form and such but the bank helped, the super helped. Everyone said I was doing well.
I remember at Janet’s funeral my cousin said how amazing I was going around and introducing people. At Dads service a young woman said the same but realized it was a coping mechanism.
Do you know what I’m an expert at? Doing what is best for me!

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