Don’t rework the classics

Yesterday I saw on the area where it says what’s trending on Facebook that they are casting for a remake of Mary Poppins called Mary Poppins returns. I will not keep an open mind! This is one of my favourite movies and it just doesn’t work with anyone else. Just like doing Sound of Music live on tv or the remake of Miracle on 34th Street. Mom would only watch the original.
Can you imagine the carpet bag scene with anyone else other than Julie Andrews? And the scene where Dick Van Dyke dances with the penguins? Priceless. The kids really make it too. So sweet when they come down in their pyjamas singing. You can’t bottle the chemistry that Julie and Dick have.
I’ve watched it so many times I can probably do it scene by scene. When I was young I didn’t even realize that Dick Van Dyke played the old guy too. I remember in a recent interview he said he now looks like the old guy for real. There are a couple of viral videos going around of him singing and he still has it at 90.
What I love about this movie is it is timeless. The moral is always there. Family is more important than money. You just don’t mess with the classics.

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