A Mirror Image


The first time I had heard the term “Mirror Twin” was when I went to my first Twinless Twins conference in Toronto. I brought out the photo of me and Janet and a fellow newbie said “ahh mirror twins”. He and his twin were mirror twins because one was left handed and one was right. I remember in high school people used to say it was like looking in the mirror looking at us but we didn’t see it. We saw the differences. These are a couple photos that I like of us. The bottom one is my favourite. It’s just so natural. I can see the love when I look at it. Even my Mom when she looked at it had a hard time telling which was which. I had it as my screen saver when I got a new computer a couple of years after she died.
For about 6 months after Janet died I couldn’t look in a mirror. We looked so much a like that I didn’t want to see her reflected back at me. So if I had to use a mirror I did it as quick as possible. When I went to a regional meeting in Detroit a couple of the guys said they shave in the shower because they can’t look in the mirror. And this is 20 years after their twins died. But I’m sure they probably learned to shave while standing beside their twin in the bathroom.
When my brother got married 7 years ago I stood in front of the mirror after I was all dressed and made up and thought who is that person? I didn’t recognize the person looking back at me. Was that beautiful person really me?
My Mom wouldn’t always use a mirror to put on her makeup. We both just use foundation and lipstick most of the time. So before we would go anywhere I would check to make sure she was blended. I think we both had days when we would look in the mirror and think “that’s as good as I’m going to get today”. Oh my Mom wouldn’t even look in the mirror when she first got up. She would come back to her room and say “YUCK!”


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