My Mom couldnt sing but that didn’t stop her from doing it. She played piano so she could follow the notes which is better than some. My grandmother was told when she was in school that she couldn’t sing so she never did again. I never heard my grandfather sing either. My Dad won a ribbon singing with his younger brother when he was in public school. We didn’t learn this until after he died and his older brother was researching family history. I knew Dad could sing because he sang in the choir. I’ve never heard him sing though. I don’t even remember it at church. Although he would whistle. Janet could whistle too (my brother and I can’t) but it wasn’t a long string like Dads. He usually whistled when he was going outside, that was his happy place. Janet sang in the choir in Grade 1. I didn’t join until grade 4. We were asked at church once but it’s a big commitment.
My Mom would not listen to music in the car. She found it distracting but she would listen to the baseball game if she was driving my brother home from a soccer game. We always had music on when we decorated the tree. It’s such a short season…well not including how the malls rush it but that’s not the same thing.
There were days after Mom died that I would crank up the music. It depended on the day what song I chose. The songs changed as I got stronger.

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