Sidewalk daily prompt

This prompt evokes so many memories for me. I learned to skip on the front walkway to our house. There is a photo of Rob skipping too. He was probably about 4. I don’t remember ever drawing on the sidewalk with chalk but kids did it on the street over from us.
We lived within a 5 min walk to public school and high school which were separated by a small arena where people played hockey. Parents walking their kids to school. In high school the smokers standing on the sidewalk even in the winter.
If my Dad was working on the lawn out front people would stop and chat with him. I had it happen when I was pulling weeds after he died. “Are you winning?” the man asked and I answered “I’m not sure”. It depended on the day whether I thought chatting with people on the sidewalk was a good thing or not.
We lived within walking distance to Wortley Village where they would often have sidewalk sales in the summer. Gathering on the Green is a huge event the first weekend in June but it is a terrible place to try to find a place to park. It’s an area where people sit on their front porch and shout hello to everyone.
Where I live now I pass many people walking their dogs. I pass older couples on their daily walks holding hands. A lot of condos nearby so there are a lot of retired people here. There is a big building being built around the corner so I have to cross over to the other sidewalk. I love walking to the market especially on Saturday when they have vendors outside.
I sit at my computer in the spare room and look out the window. I see joggers, people walking their dogs, people coming home from the grocery store. It’s very much like at my house when I would look out the front window while making dinner.
I have often said that I know my Mom led me to the apartment I am living now. I won’t miss shovelling the sidewalk!


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