When I was thinking about the word cake I thought of the fact that the only times we have cake are for celebrations…mainly birthdays.
My Dads birthday is January 5 which is approximately two weeks after Christmas. We would invite his siblings over for cake and ice cream. My Dad wasn’t a party person but he liked this. One year my Mom tried to pawn off a fruit flan for a lighter meal but Dad wasn’t having it. He had to have chocolate cake. Needless to say that was a one time deal! All of us kids had to have chocolate cake too.
The top picture is from my 35th birthday. It was a bittersweet time because my Dad was in the hospital dying of cancer. I held the party on the 20th which is the day before. I love the glow of the candles in his picture. Birthdays weren’t the same after Janet died but I always do something to honour the day.
My Mom made this cake with pecan frosting. It wasn’t icing, she made it from cooking sugar and butter and carnation milk and then you mix the chopped pecans. If I was helping she wouldn’t have much left because it was so good hot. She usually made this for ucw meetings or potlucks. It went on a chocolate cake.
For my parents 25th anniversary she got a cake that was half white and half chocolate. The one thing about buying store bought cakes is you never know how much icing you are going to get. Kids usually take the corner pieces because you get the most amount of icing.
I remember at my cousins wedding she had this beautiful cake that looked like presents on top of each other. I think it was blue icing with silver accents. She told me I was the only one that even noticed. My brothers was white with cranberry red ribbons in fondant. We left before they passed out the cake but we saw them cut it. So much expense and nobody remembers what it looks like.
As I’m writing this I’m reminded of a lot of happy times. The bottom picture is from my birthday last year. It meant a lot that my friend from out of town came to spend the day with me.
Let them eat cake!


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