The start of a new year

Today is the first day of school for many. Friends taking the mandatory picture posed at the front door. Some friends have kids old enough to go off to university, living on their own.
I remember Mom saying that September meant things got back to normal. She got back into the routine of going to her church groups that stopped in the summer.
I got a reminder email about a writing class I signed up for. It’s further away than the other one but I wanted to ease into it. I wanted to do one that was just for fun. And this way I’m not obligated to go every week. It’s a start of a new year for me because I don’t have any responsibilities. I haven’t been able to attend for about two years. I have my messenger bag on a shelf in the office.
I’m thinking of finding a book club to join. Like Mom I prefer reading for fun so I’ll see how it goes.
I have a friend on Facebook that I have known since kindergarten. She thought it was so cool that she was named as one of our first friends in our baby book. I have a couple of friends that I have known since grade 3. We look back at class pictures and say oh I remember that.
Ahh memories


3 thoughts on “The start of a new year

    • My New Years resolution for 2015 was to write everyday. It really helps. Participate in the daily prompts, photo challenges etc. It is a way for people to see your blog.
      The biggest thing is to write what you love. When I started I didn’t know anything about blogging.

      • Haha I don’t either and I absolutely am obsessed with traveling and I travel all the time! When I am not traveling I am thinking about traveling and planning my own trips so I thought what better thing to write about :). Check it out sometime and let me know what you think and thanks for the insight 🙂

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