Common sense Man

My Mom had the expression “some people just don’t use the good sense that the Lord gave them”. She also had the expression “common sense just isn’t that common anymore”.
I think we all know people that we just shake our heads at. The people that have a budget for their weekly shopping but spend $3.00 a day on coffee. The people that drive all over town so that they can save a buck. We had a couple of family members who do this. When we went to college both Janet and I would brown bag our lunch. We got comments on our stinky egg salad or our plain bologna but we knew at the end of the week we were saving money.
My Dad used to tell me not to cut the grass when it was wet because it wrecks the mower well we had neighbours that did it. You know the expression “don’t know enough to come in out of the rain?” sometimes my Dad would be way in the back so he just figured I’ll finish up and just have a shower. Oh if it was pouring he would come inside.
If my Mom had to go to the hospital to pick up her prescriptions she would run other errands at the same time. She often planned her trips on which was the closest route. I would get a haircut while she got groceries. Or I would go into shoppers drug mart while she got HER haircut.
Common sense tells people that you shouldn’t spend more than you make but we don’t live in a world like that.
Common sense Man would be able to stop people from saying something stupid. He would also be able to do away with “Means well girl”


One thought on “Common sense Man

  1. So true…… At work we think many people checked their brains in with their luggage!!!!! Some of the things people do or say just leave me astounded at their stupidity. I know have learnt how to have a blank face to silly questions!!!!

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