My Mom used to tell people that when my eyes twinkled she knew that I was up to something. I was an imp. Janet had the boisterous laugh I had twinkles in my eyes.
I remember going to bereavement group and there were a couple of people that could see it. Which often amazed me because the light left after Janet died.
There are some pictures that I look at and I’m smiling but it doesn’t quite reach my eyes. At my brothers wedding I remember telling my cousin my cheeks hurt because I had to smile so much.
There is a picture of my niece when she was 6 weeks old and it looks like she’s laughing. Her eyes crinkled just like mine and I could see Janet in it too. Last year my brother sent me a picture of her first day of preschool. She is laughing in it and it looks like someone is tickling her. My friend said she was sure it was Janet.
I’m not a big fan of professional portraits although the one I have in my front hall is good. It’s special because it’s the last one I have of my Dad. It was a struggle to get them all to go but when he was in the hospital I printed out a copy and posted it on his bulletin board and he was quite pleased.
The best pictures are the ones that capture the essence of who that person is.

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