Elegant is an interesting word. There have been times in my life where I think I look beautiful but I would never say I look elegant. And you could say a guy is beautiful but elegant is used for ladies, Beauty can be enhanced with makeup, elegance is something that you just have. My grandmother had it. I don’t know how old my grandmother was in this photo. I think it was shortly after they were married so probably early 30s. I’m sure she made this outfit and she looks like a model.
There is a photo of my parents taken at my grandparents house just after her brother got married. She is wearing a gold coloured shift dress and even sitting on the side of the chair she looks elegant. The colour brought out the red highlights in her hair. Janet and I get the colouring in the summer too. My niece has Moms hair. I don’t think my Mom would ever think she was elegant. Janet had it though. Mom used to say she had a way of putting clothes together…just like grandma.
Nowadays we don’t even have opportunities to get dressed up that often. Weddings mostly. When I was in my teens it was unheard of for a woman to wear pants to church now everybody does. In my Dads generation bankers wore a suit and women wore a skirt and blouse. Now it depends on the bank.
I bought a new shirt for Monday. Looking through my closet I had church clothes…a white dress shirt, a striped shirt, dresses but nothing in between. I don’t want to be photographed in the same thing! It’s a shirt I could have seen my sister borrowing!

One thought on “Elegant

  1. What a beautiful lady….. So pretty…. I just can’t get over the way some people dress these days…. Especially on flights lol

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