Growing up we lived close enough to school that we could go home for lunch. We also had a stay at home Mom to make our lunches too. Sometimes we would go over to our grandparents for lunch. We would have homemade mac and cheese and usually something good for dessert.
We didn’t have sandwiches for lunch unless it was the day before grocery day and there wasn’t anything left. Growing up Dad had sandwiches everyday because he had to walk 2 miles to school (uphill both ways…our joke). In the winter they would have cheese sandwiches and put it on the wood stove to heat. When he got older he didn’t want sandwiches. Although one of his favourite lunches was tomato soup and grilled cheese…dipped in Heinz ketchup. Even when he was working he would go into a diner and have whatever the special was. The cheapest meal was all day breakfast but he enjoyed liver and onions too. I don’t know how anyone would be able to go for a walk after but Dad could.
Reading this we were spoiled. We had chicken pot pie, homemade soup, leftover lasagna. My Dad liked beans and wieners…yuck.
If we were taking the noon train to Toronto Janet and I would always pack a sandwich.
I was watching The Social yesterday and they were talking about litter less lunches. All I could think was wow. It’s hard enough with all of the allergies nowadays and then to put another restriction on parents? My friend has a son who is a very picky eater so she sends him with leftovers from the night before.
When Mom and I went to Metro (I still call it A&P) I would notice the nurses come from the hospital and they would pick up ready made sandwiches. I often get barbecued chicken and cut some off for a sandwich.
Wow, who knew I could write this much about a simple thing like a sandwich?

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