Yesterday’s prompt was the word recharge. Many people wrote about recharging ourselves. Yesterday afternoon I did that when I sat down at the dining room table to journal. I find that when I have something to work out in my head it helps to journal. Although I often find that like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz I had it within me all along. I know what the answer is it just takes me writing it down in black and white to see it. This blog came about because I have journaled since Janet died. I am now in a place where I can share the memories.
Tomorrow I am having a celebration of life reception since it will be 10 years since my twin died. Most of the people there have known us for many years. There are two from church and we had gone for a few years before she died. But I know that they have gotten to know Janet through me and also this blog.
It was one thing that I thought about when I came home from the twinless twins conference is how I don’t really know anything about the twins of people that go. I have some on Facebook and have learned a bit through photos but it’s not really the same as sharing the story of who they were.
I emailed a twin friend that I really didn’t get a chance to talk to much at conference. I told her about tomorrow. She thought it was a good idea and told me “Janet is not forgotten”
It’s true because love can never be forgotten


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