Celebrating Janet and friendship


Last night was the Celebration of Life for my twin Janet who died 10 years ago tomorrow. I was sitting outside waiting for my friend to pick me up and of course the super comes out to “check on me”. Unfortunately there was an accident near where my friend lives so I was “right on time”. I was nervous about hosting but I didn’t need to be. Once everyone got there we kind of figured it out as we went along. We pulled chairs into a circle and just chatted. My friend TS said I hope nobody thinks it’s rude I’m going to be the first one up for food so a guy friend said no then we can follow.
Once we started eating the evening flowed. Isn’t that usually the case? There was coffee at one corner of the room and hot water and water bottles in a pail in another corner. We had little toast points, cheese and fruit and a chocolate fountain. My friend DJ noticed that as soon as she sat down. So I told her I knew you would like that.
My friends got along really well. Moms inherited friend asked how do you know Jennifer? She used to work with my Grandma at the hospital so she tells people we inherited her so of course her son who is my age said I guess I did too. She was a little confused that I had 3 church families. A long time ago I went to bible study at this couples house. We switched to someone else’s about 15 years ago. I hadn’t seen her and her daughters since Janet’s funeral. The two girls sang along with some other friends from bible study. It was nice to get caught up.
As I sat there I realized how important this church community was to me then. As M was sharing stories about Janet and I laughing at bible study I thought about how different I was then. A friend from Met mentioned Janet’s smile, how she lit up a room. I have many sympathy cards with the same wording. Of course I cried when I read that in the card. I have mentioned here in my blog post laughter doesn’t fill this house anymore that it’s kind of left. I realized how we fueled each other…if Janet laughed chances are I would be laughing too. And how loud her laugh was. I miss her laugh so much.
Of course the night wouldn’t be complete without talking about Janet’s stubbornness. My friend KVD told the story “Janet never really liked me, she thought I was bossy”. She would tell everyone at bible study and at this point we are in our mid twenties and Janet would say “can we get over this”. But we grew up and got to share in the joy of her finding a partner that complimented her and that she had a son the year Janet died. I have known her since we were in Grade 3.
I got a few gifts. My friend CB gave me an angel magnet that says “when I count my blessing I count you twice.” Ditto! She is such a treasure.
At one point in the night I did mention how the event planner asked if my family was coming and I said I don’t have one. So KVD said we are your family now, don’t forget that. I need to put the group photo somewhere in my apartment so I can remember it!
Thank you everyone for a special evening.


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