Perplexed daily prompt

This morning I didn’t know what to write about. Perhaps you could say I was perplexed by the title.
I have decided to talk about boundaries or rather why people don’t seem to respect them. I have written here before that when my Mom died I screened phone calls. What do I say to people who ask how I am two weeks after my Mom died? Because they weren’t calling to help just to make sure I was “ok”. But these people also didn’t get the hint that if I didn’t answer the phone it meant I didn’t want to talk to you.
My brother sent daily emails from the day after we first went to thr bank. Many were deleted and I determined which ones I answered based on importance.
Today I phoned Moms church to try to get her church directory photo. The short story is they don’t know where it is so I told her that’s ok and hung up. Thankfully because I moved they have no way of phoning back. Technology is one of those great things for creating boundaries. I haven’t been to church since Mom died because I just don’t find it a safe place.
I have friends that go to the place where Janet’s accident happened. Some don’t. At first I was angry at people who did but I came to accept that I can’t force someone not to. It doesn’t mean they are a better friend because they don’t.
For a long time my friends didn’t even know I had a blog. It was private. I guess I was afraid of what people would think. Would they think my writing is any good?
Boundaries are a hard thing to learn how to do. I admit that having a heart that has been broken means the wall is pretty high. That’s why every friend that came on Monday is special because they accept me for me.


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