There is something comforting about the word together. For me it makes me think of Janet and I coming into the world together. We slept in the same crib. We learned how to walk together. People used to say we were together all the time. In later years that wasn’t always the case. We would go for walks and after she died I would tell people I would go by myself…not alone. They didn’t see the difference but Janet was always with me so I wasn’t alone. I even walked on the same side.
For couples we use the expression they are together in heaven. My grandfather was lost without my grandma. My parents and my sister are together in heaven.
The three girls did a lot of things together. We went on a trip in 1993 to California and area for a graduation gift. We went to church together, out for breakfast or just coffee and plays at the Grand. Mom and I went to bereavement support group together. Some people thought it was odd because they wondered if I would feel awkward saying stuff in front of Mom. Why? She knew everything. Even in that as much as we were together our grief was separate.
Monday night I was together with a group of friends that I hadn’t seen for a while. In December I will be together with a friend I haven’t seen in 9 years. Perhaps I will have a Christmas get together. This is the first year I look forward to putting ornaments on the tree. Our names on the tree…mom and dad, j and j placed together.
The word together has a lot of different meanings. It even means “she has it together”. Some days more than others.
On Monday I wore my birthday locket that says “always together in my heart”. Now THATS together.

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