Pet Peeves

People who don’t RSVP. I created a fb event and everyone rsvped but one. It’s just a courtesy even if you have to make up an excuse. That’s why it means so much that people rearranged their schedules to go. A friend came from out of town, a friend who teaches and September is her busiest month.
Thank you cards. If someone takes the time to go to the store and pick out a gift for a wedding, shower or even my event on Monday sit down and right a thank you. It’s the right thing to do. This one really comes down to being taught these things. My grandma and mother drilled this into us.
Hostess gifts. We stayed overnight with my aunt and uncle and mom got them a really good bottle of wine. They didn’t expect anything but for her it was necessary. Even if you can’t afford wine send a card. They will appreciate that you took the time to right a note. Nate Berkus frames them. Print off a photo and send it in the card.
People who hit reply all to a mass email. Now this also depends on the circumstances. If it’s for a potluck by all means so people know what you are bringing but for a church meeting please don’t!
Loud music in restaurants. People want to talk. Nuff said.
Christmas decorations in October and winter coats in September. I need a new everyday lightweight fall coat…can’t find one. Good grief it’s 20 degrees outside. I just shake my head.

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