Writing homework

We are supposed to write about a ridiculous thing you want to do. Well in all honesty you are reading it. One of the women that went last Monday could hardly believe that I had a blog. And if you had told me ten years ago I would have a blog I would have laughed. Janet was the one who was good in English class she wrote in her journal.
But if I think of the past ten years it has been full of things that I am shocked I did.
1. I went to Vancouver 11 months after Janet died and stayed with a friend I hadn’t seen for many years. It was taking a chance that we would pick up where we left off. She ran with the popular crowd and we didn’t. The trip was everything I could have hoped for and more.
2. Going to my first Twinless Twins conference. Walking into a room full of strangers and share the story of how my twin/best friend died? Even writing it sounds scary.
3. Bidding on an item at live auction at TT conference. It’s one of those things that afterwards I thought did I really do that? Most people thought I was crazy but it was so worth it.
4. I sprung my Mom out of the rehab hospital. I would do again too because it gave me time with her.
5. Going to writing class. I wasn’t a writer when I started I just knew that eventually I wanted to write our story. But it’s not ridiculous to me.
I don’t have an answer at the moment but I know that life is full of surprises.

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