The first time my Mom went on vacation after my Dad died the first few days I loved being on my own but by the second to last day of her vacation I missed having someone to talk to. When she came home it was like I was storing it up and it all spilled out at once. Let me tell you about this!
The first time she went into the hospital the house was so quiet. I turned on the tv or music for sound. But after she died I craved the quiet because there were home care people coming in and people calling to ask how she was.
Have you ever noticed that the world is never completely quiet though. In my old neighbourhood I could hear the bus go by, people talking on the stoop, the garbage truck every early in the morning, birds chirping, people cutting their grass.
When I went to conference it was hard for me because I live alone to be surrounded by 100 people with conversations going on all around me. There were times I had to go to my room just to have a little break.
A hug is silent but it says so much.


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