At the end of writing class one of the leaders read part of a book on colours. She shouted out a colour and we went around the room and said what we thought of for that colour. Red for me was bold. Purple makes me think of advent candles. When she said green I said money…you can tell I’ve spent too much time at the bank.
Then we spent ten minutes writing on it. I started something and then decided to go a different direction and all of a sudden time was up and I had just gotten going. Last night I thought about writing about red brick house and all the colours in the house. Then I thought of how our closets are full of different colours. I started a story about cleaning Moms closet…the white wedding dress, her favourite green shirt, the red blazer she wore to her granddaughter’s baptism but it’s too soon. Someday. I have yellow, pink, purple, white, orange in my closet. Oh and royal blue.
When I was in bed an idea popped into my head so I had to get up to write it down. What do colours smell like. I thought of spaghetti sauce, rhubarb crisp. i haven’t got anything for yellow yet. I used the colours of the rainbow.
Brown made me think of the smell of the garden. Grey would probably be rain.
Colours evoke memories. Red and yellow always make me think of when we were six and had dresses in those colours. My Dad had a favourite rust coloured short sleeved sweater that he wore until it had holes in it. I like the colour orange and realized it’s a combination of our two favourite colours red and yellow makes orange.
Isn’t it interesting how colours are associated with so many different things. It will be neat to hear what people wrote about.

2 thoughts on “COLOURS

  1. If I pick a colour that evokes memories then for me it would be green. I did a post about how light and certain sounds trigger memories. For all of us there is something that triggers memories, isn’t there?

  2. This is fun! I love red, a darker shade so that it is calm. Blue is safe, green is nature. Brown is an older generation, grey is smart. White is bold, black is all encompassing. Purple is cool and confident. Yellow is loud. Orange is a smile.

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