TV Shows

There are a lot of new fall shows out so Thursday night I was watching “The Good Place”. I had seen previews and was curious. It’s not a show that I would continue watching but it was cute. I could hear Mom “Jennifer you are not watching that!” The Good Place refers to heaven. The premise is completely outrageous but there were some points that made me think.
Pitch was on after that. It’s about a female pitcher that gets drafted to the San Diego Padres. Mom would have liked it.
Yesterday I was watching Bull about a guy that does psychological profiling of jurors. Dad would have loved it because he found the whole process fascinating. Dad had to go for jury selection a couple of times. I went once. I was chosen too but because I was a student the judge said I could go. And if you are wondering it was for a murder trial. I got a summons for another murder trial but got a Drs note because I was Moms caregiver.
Mom got me started on watching Hawaii 5-0, Bones and House when it was still on. I don’t watch the really gruesome Hawaii 5-0 ones I prefer the ones that are more character driven. We loved Murdoch. Having On Demand means I can catch up on my shows on the weekend. I watch The Voice Monday nights but it’s also when Murdoch is on.
I just realized this works with today’s prompt because it’s all pretend.


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