The Daily Dilema…What’s for dinner?

Isn’t this what most of us struggle with on a daily basis? When we were a family of five we didn’t seem to struggle with this. Although we had things that were our go to…lasagna, spaghetti, Mac and cheese. After my Dad died it was harder figuring out what to cook. My Dad loved our cooking. Oh he wouldn’t actually tell you (because that was praise) but if he had a second helping we knew he liked it. The joy went out of cooking and we just did it because we had to eat.
People tell me that I should cook for two and then I would have leftovers. Most of the time I just cook one thing…like one pork chop or a salmon filet. Last year I bought a turkey and cut it up and froze it. But I could only do that because I had an extra freezer.
I was looking over my online banking this morning and was shocked how much I have spent on groceries and the month isn’t even over. There are all sorts of blogs online for hints and so on but that is only for people who have a car. I have to shop at the closest store. I can’t buy in bulk because I don’t have the room. If I shop by myself I go twice in the week. Usually Monday and Friday. And I don’t buy extras like chips and pop.
I eat out a lot more too. Sometimes it’s just for the convenience. Sometimes it’s laziness.
At least fall cooking is easier as I can make squash soup or slow cooker recipes. Tomorrow I’m going to put pork in it for pulled pork for lunch. There is nothing like coming home to the smell of something cooking in the slow cooker.
Last week when the grocery guy came in I said “FOOD!” Then I told him all I have is a jar of pickles, milk and one tomato. He said that’s like his house before shopping day he’ll go to the fridge for a snack and realize there isn’t anything.


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