Ladies who lunch clothes

Outer Layers

Last week I went out for lunch with the mother of a friend from public school. Because it was after writing class I had to figure out what was casual enough to wear but still appropriate to wear to a nice restaurant. She was wearing a thin white three quarter length shirt with elastic at the sleeves and beige pants but somehow she has a way of making it look casually elegant.
When I was planning the event at the inn I realized I didn’t really have anything to wear. The black flowered shirt I have worn a couple of times there. It’s easy. Throw it on with black pants or white capris. September is a hard month clothing wise because it could still be warm but it gets cooler at night. I ordered two shirts online but only one came on time. My coffee buddy came in and said that’s new isn’t it. My college friend told me in an email that maybe Janet was deciding which one she liked beat. It is a shirt that she would have worn. I purchased it from Laura Plus. The first time I have purchased from there as it’s expensive but it was what I wanted. My friend teased me that we will have to come up with an excuse to wear the other shirt.
My Mom used to say it was nice to have an occasion to get dressed up. Most days I’m in jeans and a t shirt. She’s right though let’s make more occasions.


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