Accounting class

After graduating from college Janet and is started out in different courses. They just weren’t a good fit for us. So we both went into Office Administration.
One of the courses that was required was Accounting. Janet had taken accounting to Grade 12 and I took OAC. I barely passed but the teacher said that I showed great determination sticking with it. Because we both had a very good knowledge of Accounting this class was very easy. One young woman wondered why we didn’t get exempt but this college didn’t exempt you if you had an OAC most other colleges did.
When it came time to do a test Janet was the second one done every time. There were students who thought she must not be getting a good mark if she did that but they were proven wrong. Many people in the class didn’t even understand the basic concepts.
The teacher paid more attention to the students who were struggling so Janet and I were pretty much on our own. Janet sat behind me and we were both working through the workbook when the teacher asked Janet for the answer to the question on the blackboard. She was trying to trip her up because she thought she wasn’t paying attention. She wasn’t but Janet looked up two seconds later says “the answer is this” and of course she was right. And the teacher was left sputtering at the front. As soon as she turned her back I high fived Janet.
I have a lot of friends from public school. It’s where I have my fondest memories. I guess because it’s before school became about grades and achievements.

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