Nostalgia photo challenge

This is the first year that I won’t be raking leaves. We also had a walnut tree so I would have to bag the walnuts as well. Yard work meant picking up the sticks and or branches, then raking leaves then mowing the lawn for the last time. With three people it wasn’t that bad. Janet and I would pick up the sticks and walnuts, Dad would rake the leaves and mow the lawn. Doing it all myself was overwhelming. I enjoyed raking leaves though. Something very calming about it.
This picture was taken the fall after my Dad died. I was talking to a friend by email and I said I was going to go and jump in the leaves and she said are you serious so I invited her to join me. The leaves from walnut trees are not colourful but it’s more about the expression. We had sticks up our noses, I’m pretty sure I had leaves down my bra but we laughed so hard.
This picture makes me nostalgic for when I was a child helping my Dad. Running around in the backyard. I’m glad I no longer have the chore but I miss the smells. I miss the leaves.

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