Yay, it’s October

September was definitely a roller coaster ride for me. The one year anniversary of Moms death was really hard. Celebrating my twin was something to look forward to. On Wednesday I signed the papers to close the estate account. Friday I FINALLY got my Moms photo from the church directory. It was quite upsetting having to send three emails, two phone calls to try to get the last picture I will ever have of my Mom. My former neighbour dropped it off and I went into my apartment and cried. I had forgotten what she wore and she is wearing her favourite shirt. Her hair is a little long because she didn’t have the energy to get a hair cut.
October is Thanksgiving, Halloween. Cooler temperatures. I was going to go to the market today but it’s going to rain all weekend.
Yeaterday I ordered a couple of Christmas presents from chapters. I needed a new journal since I spilled coffee on it…again. In order to get free shipping I ordered a book for a friend. Its really only a couple of months until advent…which blows my mind. Time has gone by so fast.


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