Christmas 1976image
What could be more nostalgic than Christmas? That picture is the essence of the season with us standing in front of the mantle with stockings hung. Being so excited for Christmas that we couldn’t sleep and running down the stairs to open our stockings. The smell of turkey and stuffing. The plop of cranberry sauce being put in a dish. I was usually the one that would sit underneath the tree and hand out presents. The joy of the receivers face when they opened the perfect present you picked out for them.
It’s why every Christmas commercial is the same. The parent opening the doors to their kids loaded down with presents with the tree in the yard twinkling with lights. The table overflowing with food. For people who have lost loved ones it’s just a reminder of what they don’t have. Every other holiday is just one day but not so for Christmas.
The second picture is of my tree. It’s stored in my laundry room along with two boxes of ornaments. Every ornament has a story. The clay ones we made in public school, mice ornaments that became a tradition for me to give Janet. The crocheted Angels my grandma made. Of course our names which take on special significance now.
I have included this post with value because what could be more valuable then the memories these photos evoke.

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