A pleasant morning

This morning I had to go and get some milk and a few groceries somewhere. Originally I was going to go to shoppers drug mart but there was construction on the short cut street so I decided to go down to the market and have a coffee and walk back. Wearing my new fall/spring coat. The breakthrough that it’s really hard to find exactly what you want when you want it! It’s a really cute pink coat but lightweight which is why I bought it.
I am so happy that Little Red Roaster is back in the market. It’s my favourite. The market was really quiet today. I happened upon a friend from the bible study that I used to attend and he is working there part time. They would lose money if I worked there!
I wandered around and found some interesting gift ideas. They have a new handmade soap stand too which might be an idea for a friend. I love the flower shop all the vibrant fall flowers. Who doesn’t like sunflowers? If I didn’t already need milk and veggies I would have bought some for my table. Last week they had apple butter. My Dad loved apple butter. Growing up on a farm they used everything. You cook down the apples until it’s the consistency of really thick jam. It’s the best on warm bread or biscuits.
Its a nice walk and I get healthy food. Win win.

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