An extra hour

For homework we are supposed to write about a 25hr day…what we would do with the extra hour.
Looking after a 4 bedroom house and yard meant it was rare that I was every ahead on chores that needed doing even when my Mom was healthy enough to help. There was always a trade off, do yard work then inside stuff won’t get done right away. Fall meant cleaning the yard, changing the furnace filter, winterizing the lawn mower, putting cover on a/c.
Now that I’m in an apartment there is less room to clean. Today apartment is clean, fridge is full and laundry is done.
Time is relative. When I was looking after my parents there were days when I almost had to schedule in a bathroom break. Nurse were coming and going all the time so time wasn’t my own.
Standing beside the bed of a loved one dying time stands still. Dealing with an estate time moves at a dizzying pace.
What would I do with an extra hour? I would spend it going out with a friend for coffee.


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