What I realized this week

1. Holy smokes technology is expensive! This is why most people do away with a landline but I need one to let people into the building.
2. At the same time I love my new cellphone. Unlimited texting is good for chatty friends!
3. Sometimes people will step up to the plate for you. Two people did. One is family and one I have known so long they are family too.
4. I have the best supers! They really look out for me. Yesterday I got a package and she brought it up for me. Teased her that I know of someone in Toronto that pays for that service…she has a doorman.
5. Peter Walsh is right everything should have a place to live. I also realized when I moved here that I can live with a lot less than I thought I could.
6. One can never have too many teddy bears
7. Poems are fun. Working on one for homework. I don’t know where the ideas come from but I just go with it.
8. Online shopping is the best!
9. Money and time are both relative. Some people have too much of it some not enough
10. I don’t know how to end this!


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