Water Photo Challenge

This is one of many photos that I took of sunsets on our Cruise we took Christmas 2009. By about the 4th or 5th night my Mom thought ok that’s enough sunsets let’s go eat! But she didn’t understand that every sunset was different depending on the clouds. This one is a little more yellow. My favourite one has a lot of clouds but it’s orange and it seems to go on forever over the ocean.
Both Mom and I thought it was weird that when we were out to sea you couldn’t even see land. The last day was a travel day (no excursions) so we stayed inside and read and played Scrabble. The funny thing was Mom made WATER and I made PORT.
The girls went to California and area in 1993. Our favourite places were ones with water. Mine was Lake Tahoe, Janet’s was Santa Barbara. I went to Vancouver and I loved sitting looking at the mountains and the water.
Maybe my next trip will involve water too.

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