This is Thanksgiving weekend. So many memories. This morning I went to Metro to pick up a fruit tray to take as my contribution tomorrow. On the way in I saw strawberry/rhubarb pies on sale and thought oh boy if Mom was here she would have got that AND pumpkin. She just would have put the strawberry one in the freezer. There weren’t as many people in the store as I thought there would be. Stuffing bread, cranberry sauce, Garden cocktail. Mom always bought that.
My Mom made the best stuffing. Of course in later years we took over. We never stuffed the bird we cooked it in casserole since my brother would have three helpings. My grandma would whip the potatoes but I liked mine a little more chunky than that. We always had carrots or beans as squash was too much like potatoes in consistency. One year I made a pumpkin pie and it was cooling on the counter..I went to get something out of the cupboard above and it dropped onto the hot pie. Oh well it still tasted good.
Last year even though I was alone I cooked up a turkey a few days later. I chopped it and put it in the freezer. What other meat can you buy for 99 cents a pound? Mmm turkey soup. I can’t do that now because I wouldn’t have the freezer space.
I miss having someone to cook with. I miss the smells. I don’t even have any good dishes anymore because I would never use them.
I am so thankful for friends who are my family.
And I’m thankful for turkey 😋


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