For homework for writing class we are to write about the best meal that we have ever made or eaten. While I was thinking about this it made me think that all great meals are shared. Growint up my Dad had the rule that supper was spent sitting at the table. It didn’t matter what we were doing we all had to come home for 5 and eat. It was our time to talk about our day.
I think it would be our last Christmas with my Dad. What made it special wasn’t what we ate but the fact that it was fun. We didn’t know it was going to be the last Christmas with my Dad which was a blessing.
I shared going out for dinner the night I moved and how we were do hungry we had two plates of bread and practicality licked our plates. We just knew it was an occasion to celebrate.
Think of all the times in our lives where food is involved in a celebration. Appetizers for New Years along with champagne, cake for a birthday, ham for Easter, turkey for thanksgiving and Christmas. Oatmeal cookies I associated with going to my grandparents apartment. My Mom brought snack for her church group, Janet and I brought cookies.
Food is our way of showing someone we love them. Making their favourite dinner or just picking up a treat at the store.
It’s why it’s so special when I can share birthdays or holidays with friends.


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