Radical Authenticity
I was thinking about this prompt yesterday. How in my life I think I’m honest but I also thought about how in different situations I have to fake it. Why else would there be the expression “paste the smile on”.
But in some ways I’m faking it everyday because I go out of the house with brown hair…it comes out of a bottle. I put makeup on to cover up imperfections. Sure if I had skin like Alicia Keys I would go without makeup too. I wear spanx.
After having so much loss in my life I have to gauge situations where I can be authentic because loss scares people away. A twin friend of mine commented on a picture on Facebook that I looked so relaxed. I realized that I wasn’t smiling in many of the photos at conference. I was more myself at home.
I am constantly reinventing myself. I am still a daughter and sister but in a different way. I’m no longer a caregiver but I carry the lessons of being independent, being a strong woman.


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