Six words

For homework next week we are to write about six words or expressions that have marked the course of your life so far.
I was thinking about this last night how the words are different at different stages on my journey.
LOST would have been a word for a long time. Growing up a twin when my twin died I didn’t know who I was. I lost my identity for a long time. I wanted someone to guide me, tell me which path to take but I had to do it on my own as we all do.
ONE DAY AT A TIME. Yeah, it’s an expression I stuck my nose up at because I was impatient. When is one day at a time over. When does it get better? But when I was so overwhelmed with looking after my Mom and then estate it helped to know that all I have to worry about is today.
TWIN because I’m still Janet’s twin. She will always be a part of me.
ALONE I have friends but it’s not the same as having a family
INDEPENDENT I am proud of what I have accomplished on my own. Finding an apartment, furnishing it etc.
SCARRED because each loss creates a hole that will never heal over.
So if I had to pick one word to guide me it would be the last one. A couple of weeks ago the word of the day was “TOGETHER”. Love means they are always in my heart. Love means that I will honour their memories. Love means that I miss them everyday.
I also have to remember that I have friends that love me. Loving myself.


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