Real people

Friday night the super knocked on my door to change the furnace filter. He said he would prefer to catch people while they are home instead of putting a note on the door to the building. They are both sweet people. They know everyone in the building by name. My friend who has been here many times said it’s nice to have people who will look out for me.
It’s hard for me to accept help because I’ve had a lot of fake people. The ones who offer to help if you tell them what to do. The ones who offer but on their timetable not yours so it’s easier to just go by yourself.
I think that’s why I have longtime friends because they have been with me through the hard times. They have listened to me rant about family, hospitals, looking after my parents. But they have also shared in the joy of becoming an aunt, the joy of finding an apartment.
Last year for my birthday my friend phoned me up on the day and she drove here to eat dinner with me. Two friends celebrated with me this year.
Friendships evolve. Life gets busy and we don’t see our friends as often as we would like but real friends start up where they left off. My Mom had friends like that. Dad did too. I know that’s where we get it.
This year i get to buy presents for friends. Last year I bought two. One friend has helped me a great deal. One is visiting her family this year. I love buying presents. Finding the perfect gift. For me it’s more fun giving. Seeing their face.
Their is nothing artificial about that.


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