The not so tiny chore list

Even living in an apartment I still have chores to do. This morning I took the papers and cardboard down for recycling. I have to take it outside so I wait until I have a full bag to make it worthwhile. Boy was it cold out!
Laundry seems to be never ending. Although I did procrastinate a little on this one as I should have done it on Saturday.
And of course there is the gross job of cleaning the bathroom. My sister never cleaned a toilet, that was Moms job. I don’t have that luxury since it’s just me!
My Mom always stocked up on toilet paper and cleaning supplies when she went to shoppers drug mart so when I moved I didn’t have to buy stuff for a while. Although I didn’t have any laundry detergent so my super gave me a sample.
I went grocery shopping on the weekend. I ended up going to my old store because I know where everything is. Trouble with that is I always buy too much. But it was nice to get some variety.
Tomorrow is the second last writing class. They don’t hold it in the winter because the weather is sometimes iffy. Last year the other teacher held an informal coffee chat at the mall. That would be nice.

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