The transformation


Monday to Saturday I wear jeans and a t shirt or in the summer capris. When I was young we wore a skirt to church. Nowadays I just wear a dress shirt and pants.
The first picture is of my 35th birthday. My friend told me to get dressed up even though we were only going for cake and ice cream. I wore this outfit because I bought it for my Dads funeral and I didn’t want to associate it with that. My friend made me pose in front of the entrance to the park. I wore the skirt to a wedding in May (with a white shirt) the weekend my Dad came home from hospital. I came down the stairs and Dad made me come into the dining room…that’s new isn’t it. Yes. Then he made me do a little twirl which my Dad never did. I like it. Obviously I couldn’t tell him what it was really for. Before anyone thinks that’s morbid I wanted to look for an outfit while I was still calm enough to do it.
The second picture is of a dress I purchased for twinless twin conference five years ago. The wife of a former minister who is on Facebook wrote ooh la la when I posted it.
I’ve had a couple of dresses that I have purchased where I look at myself and think wow I look good! It’s like Cinderella at the that really me? And yet it’s not magic it’s just enhancing what’s already there.

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