Banned foods

For health reasons I am on a salt restricted diet which means there are foods that are pretty much banned for life. Pizza being one of them. Salt, fat, carbs all a no no. Did you know a plain Harvey’s hamburger has 1000 mg of sodium? That’s pretty much my allotment for the day.
I’m not perfect I will admit that I eat convenience foods but it’s certainly not an everyday thing.
Having a salt restricted diet also means that sometimes I have to miss out on events that involve going out to eat. If I’m going out to eat with a friend I pick a restaurant where I can look at the menu ahead of time. Most people are accommodating. I will admit going to conference is awkward. One night I sat outside with a group of twins who were having snacks they ordered from the bar. Nachos, quesadillas none of which I could eat. People don’t get it’s not a choice. I had one person say what’s the big deal? Sometimes it’s unavoidable. We had dinner buffet. I don’t know how it’s prepared but I just do the best I can which is what Mom would do too.
I would like to ban fasting blood work! I miss going out for breakfast with Mom after. We always went to this little diner and would have eggs and homefries. And that first cup of coffee in the morning never tasted so good. Sometimes we would go out for breakfast just because and I miss that too.


One thought on “Banned foods

  1. You are not alone. I have found a way to have pizza again though. I make it myself. whole wheat crust, very thin..fat free salt free cheese, and my own sauce created from tomatoes, basil and garlic only. only 16 carbs per serving, no salt and no fat. Here’s hoping you someday get to enjoy those foods you miss.

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