Burning bridges

I have been mulling over this topic for part of the morning. Burning bridges sounds so destructive.
In some respects it is. It’s messy. I had a couple people in my life that are bullies, harder still when they are family. But to me sometimes there is a reason that bridge can never be crossed again. I can’t go back.
But there have also been instances when I feel like I’m banging my head against the wall. The well meaning people. Growing apart from a friend. I used to think it was me but a wise friend told me that I wasn’t doing myself any favours by keeping a friend out of duty.
I know there are times when I tend to isolate myself. I would hope that I am a good friend and that my friends would understand why I do it. I have friends from public school. We haven’t always been close. They go off to university in another city, have kids. Facebook has really brought us back together. A bridge to the connections we still have.


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