Discover challenge

Yesterday I walked to Shoppers Drug Mart because I forgot the script to a prescription that I needed. It was a little chilly first thing and the fog was just lifting. On the way I pass a lot of construction. They are working on a house near me. It used to be a mansion, now it’s used for tours and they have tea on the front lawn in the summer. I pass the courthouse…now I realize why there are so many law offices near me. There is a huge sign advertising a Christmas bazaar on the 12. Can’t believe it’s already that time of year. They always get good crowds. The baked goods are the first to sell out.
After picking up my prescription I walked to the market for a few things. They had a Halloween party and I passed a girl dressed as super girl. There was a boy sitting on the mechanical horse and it bought back memories of us doing that. Yesterday was the outdoor farmers market. Ahh the smells. I didn’t need anything so I bypassed it but when I first moved here I couldn’t wait to go.
Next week there is a wordfest at the art gallery which I would like to go to. Sounds fascinating.
Always something to do.

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