Songs to remember them


There are so many ways to interpret the prompt for the discover challenge for this week. Because it’s All Saints Day I will share the songs that were chosen for each member of my family for their funeral.

I chose this song for Janet. It was a song that we sang at bible study and I thought it was appropriate. Whenever I hear it I think of my friends standing up at the front of the church all supporting me. And they all supported me again ten years later.

This is the song my Mom chose for my Dad. It was so strange sitting beside his bed at the hospital while he discussed what he wanted. I asked him if he wanted a particular song and he said he didn’t care. I have had both sudden and lingering losses and neither one is easier. As soon as the woman started singing all four of us were crying. All I could think of was helping Dad in the garden. Sitting outside with him.

We had a graveside service for my Mom but this is the song that I would have chosen. It’s a song that she picked for hymn sings.

Of course there is a song that makes me think of all of them and that is “YOU RAISE ME UP” by Josh Groban.
You raise me up to more than I can be


One thought on “Songs to remember them

  1. Hillsong’s The Power of Your Love is one of my favourites. It never fails to leave me emotional. Thank you for reminding me how powerful this song is 🙂

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