You don’t have to hit me over the head


One year ago today I posted on Facebook about going out with the mother of a friend from public school for an afternoon dessert. We ended up at curiousities in Wortley village where I found a coin that said Mom. It was a week of signs from Mom.
Why am I putting this with bludgeon? Because last night I was talking to a friend about family. How I don’t have a family I belong to. So she said I HAD a family. She has a way of wording things where it becomes so clear.
That there is a difference between people leaving me who didn’t want to and people that left a long time ago. Both hurt just in different ways. In the process of grieving I have also learned that relationships have changed because I have changed. I’m starting over.
My friends are my family. Yes, they’ve had to repeat it over and over for me to hear it. Because when the hole is so huge and I miss my family terribly it doesn’t matter what anyone says I want to have MY family. I have three family members who have stepped up to the plate…yes CB I’m including you in this. There is one I include in this too because she and my cousins are a unit. They all make me laugh but have listened to. They are all pretty cool people!

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