Gift giving

Yesterday when I was talking to my cousin he asked when the trees were going to be lit at Victoria Park because I had mentioned to him that it’s like the official start of the Christmas season. And I live close by now. Every year my friend would write in my Christmas card “did you go to Victoria Park?” I think I sort of took it for granted because I live here. Last night I looked it up online and it’s three weeks tomorrow. I could hardly believe it because it means Christmas is a month after that. Yikes!
There was an advertisement on a friend’s page about the Santa house in the park. I posted it to my friends page and I hope we can do it. It’s very busy.
I have a lot more presents to buy this year. Thank you gifts for friends that have helped me. I know they don’t expect anything but what is more sincere than a gift given from the heart. I actually have a start. I ordered a book a couple of weeks ago and I ordered a couple of items this morning.
I missed buying presents last year but truthfully I just wanted the whole thing to pass me. But it starts so early. They already have Christmas movies on the W network. WHAT?!
The joy of the season has come back for me. It will never be the same but I have to make my own traditions. I have friends to spend time with.

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